About BacchaKaccha

BacchaKaccha Founded in March of 2019 and based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From the very beginning BacchaKaccha working to be One Stop Baby Specialized Shop. That's why, BacchaKaccha showcasing all categories of baby items, like as; Baby Food, Cosmetics, Toys, Dress, Diaper etc. BacchaKaccha runs it's operation through the website bacchakaccha.com.bd and also from Facebook www.facebook.com/bacchakaccha.com.bd

Whether its lockdown, or public holiday, or midnight, BacchaKaccha deliver the goods to the parents and family at market challenge price in all over the country while providing nationwide home delivery. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users.

BacchaKaccha runs under the Trade License No: 168347