About BacchaKaccha

BacchaKaccha was Founded in March 2019 and is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. From the very beginning, BacchaKaccha has worked to be a 'One Stop' Baby Specialized Shop. That's why, BacchaKaccha showcases all categories of baby items, like; Baby Food, Cosmetics, Toys, Dresses, Diapers, etc. BacchaKaccha runs its operation through the website bacchakaccha.com.bd and also from Facebook www.facebook.com/bacchakaccha.com.bd

Whether it's a lockdown, public holiday, or midnight, BacchaKaccha delivers the goods to parents and families at market-challenge prices all over the country while providing nationwide home delivery. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users.

BacchaKaccha runs under the Trade License No: 168347

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